Podiatric Air Compression Boots

Our patient's are experiencing relief from tibia stress fractures, arm/leg muscle pain, edema issues and peripheral neuropathy symptoms, using air compression therapy.  We typically use these boots in conjunction with our LLLT/Infrared therapy for optimal results.

Pneumatic sequential compressor and appliances Feel the soft ripple flowing air pressure and bask in its refreshing comfort 

  1. Mangaing a variety of periphefal Edema Condition from chromnic Venous Insufficiency to Lymphedema.
  2. Edema associated soft-tissue injury such as burns or ligament sprains.
  3. Postoperatively, they can be used to manage edema and decrease the risk of deep vein thrombosis.
  4. Powerpress units effect-Promotion of blood circulation.
  5. Powerpress units helps you maintain a fit and healthy shape, by massaging the veins in the lower part of your body.
  6. Even aged skin can recover its youthful resilience. Air pressure massage on the various parts of your body promotes blood circulation, stimulates the secretion of lymph fluids, and activates your metabolism. These positive benefits go a long way in helping you to maintain your skin's resilience and slow down the aging process.

How Powerpress Units Works

Podiatric Air Compression Boots

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